Hillary Marshall, LCSW
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Going to Therapy Does Not
Mean You are Weak or Flawed

Courage isn’t not being afraid; it’s being afraid and stepping into the darkness anyway.
— Attributed to

Multiple Sources


In other words, doing or looking at something uncomfortable or scary takes courage. It's very common for us to tell ourselves that something "shouldn't" bother us, that we should just "suck it up", or if we were stronger we would have different feelings about a situation. Sometimes we think we shouldn't have feelings about a situation at all. Often, this type of thinking prompts us to ignore our feelings. Consequently, our feelings get suppressed. In reality, human beings need each other and have a wealth of emotions that need to be attended to, not ignored. When we suppress our feelings, they often bubble up in ways that negatively affect our sense of self, our relationships, or other areas of our lives. When we acknowledge our feelings, we are not being weak; we are treating ourselves with love and are being courageous.